Saturday, October 9, 2010

MtnGrl Morphing

In each of my scant recent blog posts, I think I've mentioned something about not being able to write about what I often write about (politics) because it's too depressing; the future too bleak. It doesn't matter who's in the White House now or later, the tide has turned, structural economic changes due to globalization will not reverse, I think, and we're moving towards living like we did pre-Industrial Age:
off what we can grow ourselves or barter for. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing...

But I digress. Instead of being a Debbie Downer, I'm not writing about what I can scarcely bear to think about, I'm writing about what I have been thinking and doing alot about: FOOD; specifically,
satisfying vegetarian food.

Since I gave up meat, I've been spending a lot more time in the kitchen (produce goes bad so quickly--you gotta cook it!) and--WHODATHUNKIT?  Walking around the kitchen while cooking is actually a bit of a workout. Who knew? I need to start wearing my step counter (aka a pedometer).
Anyway, it all started with okra. I have a friend who is an okra addict. She's always posting on Facebook about eating okra or wanting some okra. I used to eat okra as a kid, but at some point couldn't get past the slime and gave it up--except for the occasional foray into fried okra.

Motivated by Mo, I read up on okra and discovered all these health benefits, then started looking for recipes using okra and cheese. I found this casserole recipe, and was hooked. It's delicious--with my modifications: Monterey Jack cheese instead of that processed amalgam known as American cheese; Chinese Five Spice Blend to season, a few sliced water chestnuts for crunch and some of Trader Joe's Quinoa Duo with Vegetable Melange for extra protein. Addictive. I made it days in a row.
Other favorites I've found include this Chilaquiles casserole recipe from Eating Well, that I made with extra sharp cheddar cheese and Ro-Tel diced tomatoes with green chili peppers and Green Giant "Mexi-corn" for even more punch. I made it with soy cheese for a friend and it was a hit. (The cheddar soy shreds tasted like rubber bands to me, so I just take the fat and calorie hit with REAL yummily delicious Cracker Barrel.)

I made Eggplant Parmigiana from scratch for the first time since I used Frances Mercadal's mom's recipe back in the 80s. (Hers was better, obviously, because it included the laborious soaking and frying of the eggplant slices.) This healthier alternative was pretty good, though.

So, MtnGrl Musing's morphing again; bringing the focus closer to home. For now.


Crystal Raen said... are making me hungry. Sounds delicious.

Unplanned Cooking said...

Writing about food always picks me up, too. Unfortunately I end up eating a lot of it :).


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