Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Gotta Be Said

Ok. As you know I am from the mountains; the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, in fact. I grew up seeing all kinda freakish looking critters...mostly spiders and snakes. I have developed a modified freak out when in the vicinity of spiders and snakes. Nothing gets broken, no one is embarrassed.

Modifying my freak out when it comes to worms was a different challenge that I instantly met when I encountered an earthworm while gardening with my then-10 month old or so pumpkin. What kind of example would I be setting if I flipped out over something probably not one hundredth of my size in front of my barely knee- high, wholly impressionable baby love?! I was proud of myself that day.

That was awhile ago.  Today, it's gotta be said--
these flipping stink bugs FLIP ME THE FREAK OUT!! I CANNOT STAND THEM. They are the most menacing looking bug I have ever such close quarters. They look like shields on legs, like some kinda miniature invading army.

Apparently the East Coast has been invaded by this species; they stowed away in shipping containers from China and unfortunately survived the voyage. They stink if you squash them. I haven't noticed any scent so I guess my killings have been somewhat humane.
I was marvelling at one recent capture; "ingenious", I thought, as I watched this stink bug stuck on its back to a lint roller, legs flailing in the air. I was considering YouTubing the spectacle when, wouldn't you know it? This little robot

up-ended itself on the tip of its shield and flipped over onto its legs, ready to charge forward. I actually screamed. THESE STINK BUGS ARE FREAKING ME OUT!! At least the dang cicadas stay outside when they come!


Anonymous said...

Girl, they are all up in my house. Asheville is under attack too!

Brandon Tschannen said...

Those are the coolest bugs I have ever seen!

Auntie E said...

we have them all over. Yes in the house also. I vacuum them up. but they are really bad outside. My daughter said to put a sallow water and dish-washing liquid out they will go to it and drown.


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