Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two Down, One to Go

Of the three stories of 2008 that I'm eager to see die, two finally, appear to be wheezing the death rattle:

1. Bristol Palin had her baby, and she and her BabyDaddy will complete their high school diploma requirements through correspondence courses at some point. Gramma Palin is likely immensely happy that the baby pics allegedly garnered $300,000 (more shopping money!); whereas Gramma Johnston, recently picked up for dealing Oxycontin, may be hoping for a contribution to her legal defense fund. (Maybe they named the baby 'Tripp' as a nod to Gramma Johnston in lieu of defense fund contributions.)

2. At a train wreck of a press conference where his perfectly managed hair seemed to be the only nod to preparation, Blagojevich named a successor to fill Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat. Curiously, former Black Panther and current Congressman Bobby Rush (not the appointee) stepped up to the podium and drawled enough to quell the pandemonium of reporters shouting unanswered questions to the Governor. The appointee, Roland Burris, reluctantly accepted this was not his moment in the spotlight, and tucked his speech in his breast pocket.

Two down, one to go: do the people of Minnesota even care anymore whether it's Franken or Coleman? Enough already!

1 comment:

Menstrual Poetry said...

Sarah Palin is a new grandmother and a new mother, what a role model, especially since her daughter isn't even a high school graduate and marrying someone who is just as undereducated. That abstinence-only education sure does wonders, doesn't it?


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