Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is this the Darkest, or the Storm?

Someone sometime said "It's always darkest before the storm" (feel free to Google the quote and leave a citation in comments), and given calamities lately, I've been wondering, is this the darkest or the storm?

A normally bucolic community full of playgrounds, toddlers, old growth trees and many original homeowners from the 50s, is horrified and transfixed by a broad daylight shooting that left a young man dead as a result of a basketball court transgression not six feet from his front door.

Another quiet neighborhoood, with expansive manicured lawns was traumatized as swarms of SWAT teams and police from a county in a neighboring state, fixated on a house, guns drawn, for a reality show reeanactment that the community was apprised of after the fact. (Note to Aspen Hill dwellers: SUE THEM)

Uighurs and Hans (and/or Chinese military and/or Chinese law enforcement) are slaughtered en masse; Zimbabweans look hopefully to the formation of yet another political party to redress the most recent reform party's having been co-opted by the longstanding governing one; parents murder their children at once, or over time, by neglect. Journalists are kidnapped and held hostage by bandit governments (government bandits--is there a diff?)

Incidents of man's inhumanity to man are too numerous and too frequent to count. Instead, let's focus on frequent acts of well wishes. Follow me on Twitter. When I send the message GOOD WISHES, take 30 seconds for a random act of benevolence. Pray, meditate or whatever you call your most intense consciousness, for 30 seconds for a specific person or situation, known or unknown to you, for best possible outcomes for that person or situation. Be as specific as "give me the presence of mind not to cuss out this "customer service" person on the other end of the line, or as general as "help humanity honor the Creator in each of us" - whatever: send a good wish.

Whatever your beliefs, it can't hurt.

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