Friday, July 31, 2009


Lean, muscular and feminine. Honest and a defender of the innocent.

Who needs therapy or a psychic when just a few seconds after being tagged with a meme, you can find out which superhero you are?!

At the risk of seeming egotistical, I must confess: I had my suspicions.
I've orchestrated some pretty impressive feats in my time, some intentionally, some serendipitously.
(COMING SOON - Making a dollar outta 15 cents!)

Not knowing the comic book world, I had no idea to what or to whom to ascribe these phenomenon. Fate? God? Circumstance? My horoscope? No. It is because I, apparently, am SuperGirl. I knew I was honest and a defender of the innnocent, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how lean, how muscular I am! Ain't I fine?
Wistfully remembering yoga classes and doing a few sun salutations a week really goes a really long way.

There's so much that's been said and so much yet to be said about any number of things: the Health Care/Health Insurance Reform's political possibilities, President Obama's falling poll numbers, what a doctor's sentence COULD BE IF he had injected into Michael Jackson a drug that COULD HAVE precipitated his death, had he died from... you get the gist. Some networks -okay, CNN, milked the King of Pop's death beyond dry, calling in "experts" to discuss purely hypothetical scenarios at considerable length.

The whole Skip Gates thing I shut down on really early. I passed the news on from a friend of mine to another; a lawyer and intrepid Black man, who said something like "What BLACK man doesn't know to give the police your I. D. when they ask for it?! And SKIP GATES, lion of the Black Intelligentsia?! He must have a book coming out."

The cynic in me subscribed to this marketing perspective, and checked it off my list of things to think or read about, and ducked back into my world. I was stunned by Obama's word choice during his Health Care Town Hall meeting, and surprised that he'd even deign to comment, actually. Neither moved me from the position I'd latched onto, though. I stayed hunkered in my new world.

For the past several weeks that you might have noticed the blog lying dormant, I've been in a brave new world. One in which I have had the opportunity to spend my weekdays with twelve to fifteen 4 and 5 year old -- children.

That's right. Most days there were ten to 12 of them, but there were seventeen, I think, on the roster.

It has been absolutely eye-opening, all-consuming, intriguing, rewarding and exhausting. I can't summon the will to feign or form a position on the big political and economic issues of the day, when I'm zapped by facilitating resolution of who got to wear the Princess dress first.

And that was a welcome all-too-brief moment of respite from bodily interceding to prevent one child from choking another. Again.

This is not to excuse, just to explain. I'm too tapped out by the end of the day to gather any cogent thoughts, and typically haven't had any to gather to begin with, regarding BIG NEWS. I feel like I'm outside the country, or at least outside the Beltway, where all the "news" we're peppered with in the DC area, like Blue Dogs Pulled in Two Directions barely breaks the surface, if at all, in other media markets. It's comforting to know that I can escape the inanity, even without leaving town.

Now that I know I'm Supergirl, I know that "I got the power" ("it's gittin' It's gittn', It's gittin' kinda hectic!") I will masterfully blend these two worlds! A woman in her yonder years swivels and sweats among a roomful of Kindergarteners by day and muses on the happenings in the real world by night!

Stay Tuned.
Which Superhero are YOU?

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Anonymous said...

this is righteous.

We will be showing you off at AWOP this week!



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