Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sarah Palin's Future

Just as I was settling in with a bucket of popcorn and gapemouthed incredulence to enjoy Mark Sanford emoting all over the place like a lovestruck teenage girl, here comes Sarah Palin. She told Alaskans "I quit!" with some basketball metaphors and vague allusions to effecting change for "Alaskans and for Americans" in some other way.

Reports since then are that donations to her PAC have really picked up.

Here were my suspicions:

1. The daughter's pregnant again.
2. She's pregnant again.
3. She's going to be a talking head on the radio.
4. She's going to have a tv talk show and then finally,

I thunked my palm to my forehead:

There's going to be a Palin reality show! Duh! Episodes will follow the Palins as Sarah becomes Kate's BFF as Jon and Kate go through their divorce! She'll give parenting advice to OctoMom! She and Todd will have the Blajoevichs and the Sanfords over for dinner! She'll guest-judge on Project Runway! She'll go toe to toe with Maureen Dowd on Real Time with Bill Maher!

You heard it here first.


Sandy said...

Why can't she fade away and never be heard from again. Reality show...perhaps her killing animals with a high powered scope from the air, while kids fend for themselves and Todd's off snowmobiling.


How does one just quit...and why do people continue to feel that someone who doesn't honor her commitment is worthy of doing anything else?

Janna said...

ROFL I love your way of thinking!


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