Monday, June 1, 2009


I don’t know if it’s the yoga, brain wave vibrations, or this time of year, but I just can’t seem to summon a tizzy. I watched all the punditry back-to-back on Sunday as usual, but I’d already had three hours or so of digging in the dirt by then. While all hell is near breaking loose with Kim Jung Il testing nuclear devices every other day, swine flu spreading locally and the global economic meltdown steadily claiming more jobs and lives, I’m dizzygiddy like Poppy in Happy Go Lucky. Yes, I realize that gloom looms and disasters near, but I’m more concerned with whether the Ajugas are going to get enough or too much sun.

GM filed for bankruptcy as anticipated--
GM said Monday that it will shutter 17 factories and parts centers by the end of 2011, including seven factories in Michigan and plants in Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee, and cut an additional 5,000 salaried jobs. The closures will reduce GM's U.S. facilities to 33 from 47 by 2012. Between 18,000 and 20,000 workers will be affected by the shutdowns, Tim Lee, GM's vice president of North America Manufacturing, said during a conference call Monday. Employment reduction will be done according to terms in the UAW agreement

And interestingly, the Feds are not taking over GM’s pension plans; but, aside from that, I cannot wait to have the scent of lavender wafting through my bedroom window; will it really form a nice hedge?

I used to question the logic of those simultaneously pro-life (against abortion) and yet pro-death (i.e., the death penalty). Maybe a similar question could be posed regarding being an “abortionist” and also being an usher at church; or, being anti-abortion, but pro-murdering doctors at church.

A few years ago, on a flight back home, the airplane circled over BWI, waiting for the calm after the storm in order to land. I chose to be dazzled by nature’s fireworks displayed through the window; a better than birds-eye view of lightning bolt extravaganzas in the near distance. My pumpkin was scared. I hoped he’d be calmed by my lack of fear and tried to get him to share in my fascination. It was a tall order for a 12 year old.
But YOU get it, right? All we’ve got is THIS, right here, right now. You gotta make the most of it, because who knows what comes next, or whether anything will.

Rest in Peace Dr. Tiller, and the passengers and crew of Air France flight 447.
The Veteran
Dorothy Parker
When I was young and bold and strong,
Oh, right was right, and wrong was wrong!
My plume on high, my flag unfurled,
I rode away to right the world.
"Come out, you dogs, and fight!" said I,
And wept there was but once to die.

But I am old; and good and bad
Are woven in a crazy plaid.
I sit and say, "The world is so;
And he is wise who lets it go.
A battle lost, a battle won-
The difference is small, my son."

Inertia rides and riddles me;
The which is called Philosophy.


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