Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Government Wows and Woes

The DC City Council unanimously passed a bill that will result in patrons of pharmacies, eateries and grocery stores paying 5 cents if they elect to use a plastic or paper bag rather than a reusable one. The money collected will be used to clean up the Anacostia River. The bill has to pass again and then will take effect next year. The DC Government is going Progressive! This is shocking, though welcome, news.

I wish other governments, say... California's state government could come up with innovative means to raise badly needed funds. The LA Unified School District has already laid off thousands of teachers, and increased class sizes, and now, with the school year near its end, has had to cancel summer school. No chance to make up that F in Calculus, no chance to take Health Studies and Life Skills in order to have a period free for band next year, and parents; no chance to breathe easier knowing your kids are in the relative safety of school all day. WTF? Surely this can't all be the Terminator's fault. (Channelling the Church Lady from SNL years ago, say it with me now--"Could it be...GREENSPAN? Gotcha.)
The Los Angeles Times offers a fun way for YOU to try to get the state out of this mess. Go on, be a hero.

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