Thursday, May 28, 2009


Know how I know? My first clue was the rack of periodicals in the airport with provocative headlines about the marital goings-on of some couple named Jon and Kate. My arrival stateside was confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt by this exchange in the checkout line at CVS. I picked up some allergy medicine displayed by the cash register.

MtnGrl: How much is this?
Cashier: I have no idea.
MtnGrl: Excuse me?
Cashier: I have NO idea!
MtnGrl, inhaling deeply to retain the "no problem, mon" vibe: Could you find out?
Cashier: No. You can take it to that coupon thing over there. (He points to a machine in one of the aisles.)
MtnGrl: No, I don't have a coupon; Why do I have to take it to a coupon machine?
Cashier: Because I don't have a key to void it out if you don't want it.

I put it back, paid for my purchases and left.

Despite that, Jon and Kate, political histrionics and ongoing bleak economic news, a week or so later, I'm still in a vacation frame of mind. I spent all Memorial Day gardening and was rewarded by a nice drizzle at day's end. 'Course now I've got a reddening, swelling bite mark and a few new scratches too, but soon there will be tomatoes and peppers, lettuce, squash, lavender and maybe even a cantaloupe. And if all else fails, I'll have the memories...
bubbles falling from the ceiling at Tressa's in Asheville as I was serenaded by FreeFlow, and lovely pics like this sunset from points much further south.

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Anonymous said...

next time you are in Aville let me know...would love to meet you and join you for a martini at Tressa's.

Glad you had a great vacation!



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