Friday, September 5, 2008

The McCains and Equal Opportunity

Cindy McCain's speech confused me, at first. I couldn't figure out where she was going. It seemed she was about to make a fundraising appeal for Hurricane victims, then she meandered somewhere else, suddenly hitting emphatic notes then sequeing back into the Sally Struthers-like earnest, singsong Save the Children voice. I DID get very clearly the first emphatic note, about the Repubs being the party of Lincoln and champions of equal opportunity and how, looking directly into the camera they "would not cede that to anyone". Okay, so I see where we're going now.

John McCain's tone on the same theme was, at the very least, patronizing, and reminded me that this, after all, is the man who opposed the MLK holiday (more than once?) If you don't remember this part of his speech, try YouTubing it. When he said how much he respected Obama and his supporters, yadda yadda, then said something about "equal opportunity" and being proud of Obama's "accomplishment" (said with sarcastic emphasis) and finished with "but WE'RE winning this one", I think all were clear on exactly who he was addressing with WE're.

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