Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin Revealed: A Wolf in Babe's Clothing

What a difference a week makes! Despite attempts to shield Palin and her record from the media, unless or until they showed deference, scores of journalists on the ground and in the archives have dug up much the McCain campaign would likely have preferred stay buried (if they knew about it.) The bikini pic is fake, but Sarah Palin seems true to the Republican form that's dominated the party at the national level: she lies, appoints vastly unqualified people, is vindictive, conflates personal behavior and professional performance and pink slips perceived traitors. Not only that, her religious beliefs are so...esoteric? extreme?...elitist? they exclude not just Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Gays, but also many Christians who deign to believe differently are likely contenders for eternal damnation while Sarah Palin's ilk roil in Holy Laughter. She might not know the Bush Doctrine, but she's an expert on the Bush Way. She even says "Nucular".

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