Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beauty and Fashion at the Democratic Convention

I know. The gall! At this pivotal moment in history, as America finds itself dazed and confused, excited and more than a little anxious about its fortunes (or lack thereof) in this recently global economy, I have the audacity to descend to the shallow end. I shall attend to matters of beauty and fashion at the Democratic Convention. I do not wish or intend to be catty, but merely to share these observations:

Nancy Pelosi's choice of outfit on the first night was uninspired, choice of bra, (or, at least, neglecting to adjust its straps) very unfortunate.

I was underwhelmed by Michelle's dress on the night of her speech. I was hoping she'd wear something other than the typical red or blue, I was hoping she'd be daring: wear purple! She was daring, in her choice of outfit, it didn't look, somehow, suitable. The brooch was interesting, though.

Hillary Clinton looked fandamtastic Tuesday night! Presumably, her pantsuits are custom made, so I never expect to see her in an ill fitting or unflattering suit, but that color was just... PAAA DAAH! She looked great.

Not so much Michelle on Wednesday night. The flowery neckpiece looked interesting, artistically...but I'm not convinced of its fashion value. And the eyebrows, plucked to a point--not a good look.

Clearly, I've had a little too much Project Runway. I agonized for minutes tonight, torn between its start and Bill Clinton's speech. I missed out on the challenge, but saw the results and the winner. (Don't leave home without TiVoing!)

Nancy Pelosi looked great Wednesday night! The color and the cut of the blouse I thought were classy, stylish and flattering.

Meanwhile, I blog while sitting around in my...

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