Thursday, June 12, 2008

Move ON, Already!

Back when The Apprentice was worth watching, a highly educated (5 degrees!), charismatic, entrepreneur whose leadership skills continuously impressed his fellow competitors and fans of the show, deservedly won the opportunity to be Donald Trump's Apprentice for a year. Randal Pinkett's performance on the show was matched by none of his competitors, not even close--yet, on the season finale, Mr. Trump implied that perhaps this was the year to name co-apprentices, suggesting that Rebecca also deserved to win. After polling the other contestants, none of whom agreed with the assertion, The Donald tucked his audacity back in his pocket and named Randal the winner. Could it be that The Donald's suggestion was motivated by his discomfort at having a Black male Apprentice?

The persistent suggestion that Hillary Clinton be Barack Obama's vice presidential pick is reminiscent of Season 4 of The Apprentice. An Obama-Clinton ticket would definitely confirm the celebritization of political culture, and provide more episodes for this reality show we're addicted to, but it's NOT a good idea. Any President with Hillary as VP would be like being married and living with your wife's parents-- Bill would not be able to keep himself from butting in. While Hillary's campaign was more impressive than Rebecca's performance relative to Randal's, the primary campaign is over. She has conceded, yet many of her supporters are resistant to supporting Barack Obama in the general election. Some have even claimed that they will vote for John McCain instead. What the--?

Ladies, please. Your disappointment is understandable. Your refusal to support Barack, however, lends credence to misogynistic ideas that women are ill-equipped for leadership positions, due to women's --ahem--emotional (as opposed to rational) modus operandi.

Rather than support the nominee of your chosen party whose policies and plans differ only slightly from Hillary's, you would rather support the nominee of a party whose platform is antithetical? The idea is confoundingly ridiculous and, for the grown a** women espousing it, embarrassingly pubescent. What's to be gained? The Republicans could win and the nation's citizenry and reputation may continue to suffer, but hey--it'll all be worth it because Hillary will sit with the gang at the lunch table again! Maybe, maybe she'll even invite you to her Super Sweet Sixteen party! AWESOME!

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