Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Morning After (finally)

I was nearly elbow deep in a bag of mulch yesterday when I heard AP's "breaking news":
Hillary Clinton's campaign reported that she will concede tonight that Barack Obama has enough delegates to secure the democratic nomination.
I had a sympathetic reaction: "Sheesh, they are so desperate to stay in the spotlight that the campaign is willing to pass THIS off as NEWS?!" Then, "OMIGOD, no! Some not-so-keen parser of language at AP THINKS this is news. As expected, even before I finished putting the first layer of mulch on the landscape fabric, the, clarification, came from the Hillary campaign. There was no need for me to get all cleaned up for keyboarding. Hillary managed to make news on Barack Obama's big day; she would NOT be conceding the nomination.

Oh, Did I mention--BARACK OBAMA IS THE presumptive DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? This young upstart - literally, African American (not speculatively so, like most of us), raised megabucks, galvanized an apathetic populace, inspired and converted many who were antithetic and catalyzed a paradigm shift felt round the world. We've been OBAMANIZED! There might be two little girls getting their hair hot combed in the White House.
Isn't that something?

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