Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I'm thinking of giving up TV for Lent. Of course, Lent started today, and were it not for American Idol coming on tonight, I'm sure it'd be off, already. My willpower's shot. Taking away TV though should free up the spot once embodied by the muse so I'll start to write again. Sounds good anyway.

So I'm done, for now, with the workaday gig. After being in South Africa and Zimbabwe, being stressed out in traffic trying to get somewhere I didn't even want to be every day made even less sense. Of course, it wasn't that alone, that compelled me to leave, but rather the sweetness of the annual salary and other perks without having to be there every day! So, I'm hanging at home now, doing all kinds of stuff, going to bartending school, sewing courses and real estate gigging among them. I actually even had dinner on the table and was sitting at it eating by 6:00 the other day! Amazing. It's so cool to be in control of your own time.

My peeps (former coworkers) and I still hang fairly regularly. Friends alternately treat me like I'm the most courageous person they've ever known, or like I've got leprosy. Go figure.

Like I said, if I find the strength to live again without DirectTV, I'm likely to come up with something nearing some semblance of interest to say while blogging.

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