Tuesday, March 2, 2004

A Champion Again

In his first tournament play in over two years, my pumpkin, true to form, won all four games in the DC Scholastic Open, besting some 50 odd other local 4th graders to be Co-Champion (he lost the blitz game, he hadn't played with a clock in awhile, so he and the first place guy he lost to are Co champs.) Is he the shit or what? My boy.

The apple, in this case, must've fallen far from the tree. Unlike his highbrow passtimes, my pumpkin's mother sadly, at this very moment is indulging in lowbrow culture, i.e., Straight Plan for the Gay Man. This dancer, a guy, has a fucking BIDET, in his home bathroom, no less, and is being straightened out so he can try to dupe some woman in one of those speed dating parties. Like we don't have to put up with enough bullshit already. Please. Enough. Already. Long time since.

But I digress, although I don't commit to any reality show except American Idol, (how 'bout that LaToya London,huh?!) I am ashamed to confess but must, that I have stumbled upon and actually halfway watched such drivel as The Littlest Groom (which, though offensive in SO many ways, I couldn't look away from), Forever Eden, Average Joe, The Bachelorette. I really should've given up tv for Lent as I'd thought to. Repented. It's sick. Society unfortunately is not going to go backwards to a more civilized time, and I honestly can't imagine it getting worse than it is, but who could've imagined this? Apparently there's a tv show in Japan where people are challenged to do it in public, and they're filmed by a camera crew--guess it's just a matter of time before that comes here.

Geez, it was so refreshing to be some place where chivalry hasn't died and people not only profess but actually have genuine interest in others. I can't wait to get outta here. Cape Town calls.

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