Friday, September 19, 2003


are pricks (okay, I do have a particular one in mind). And the degree to which they ARE pricks does not correlate to their penis size, in case you were wondering. ('Course, that's the ONLY time that size doesn't matter--trust me on this.) BIG pricks can have rather average-sized penises, and vice versa.

So what's been happening? Haven't been doing a lot of biking. It's been raining quite a bit. Been hanging out boozing and carousing more than typically, but that's coming to an end. Even when drunk superficial shit gets tiring. (Woe is me, I'm just too special.)

Got a cat now, named Cosmo, who's home alone at the moment without power thanks to Isabel. I weathered the storm drinking Champagne and watching some action flicks I'd never elect to watch, which means, of course, it was dude's choice. (Not the aforementioned prick, though.)

My posts from over a year ago had a lot more links and inside jokes, not to mention the cool reference to song lyrics for just about every header. Who's got the energy now? I'm having some semblance of a life.

Hung in Mexico for a week with my pumpkin for my birthday, and will be heading to South Africa for Keauki's wedding with him in November. The aforementioned prick was allegedly going too, but, you know, pricks allege a lot.

We're doing it all, Victoria Falls, then on to Umhlanga Rocks near Durban for a few days, then further up the coast past Ballito to Zinkwazi Beach for a weekend of wedding festivity, and then on to Capetown for four or five days where I plan to paraglide off Table Mountain

Otherwise, the beat goes on...

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