Monday, June 30, 2003

"She's Go o o o one, oh I, I better learn how to face it, she's gone!"

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, practically no humidity, and I was headed to the doctor's office to get her all gussied up, (well, shot up) so she'd be all set. We made the transfer on a grassy knoll across from St. John's. There's 3 kids AND another dog, a yellow lab, that she, of course, bonded with immediately. We hung there for an hour or so, Pumpkin showing no remorse and scant interest (there was a Yu-gi-oh tournament on his mind).

So she's gone, and I'm sure delighted with her new home with all those people around (even step kids on weekends) and visiting pets. I'd sent them a picture of her on Friday, so they were already smitten by the time we showed up. I miss her, but not the yelling. I've still got black hair in my house in spots, but you know, it's a process...there's only so much vacuuming one can do in a weekend, and still have Margaritas.

Aside from that, got some biking, shopping and assorted kidstuff in, fended off my 70 year old mentor's pass, AND caught Project Greenlight. Life in the fast lane, man.

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