Monday, November 25, 2002

Died While Jogging

A few weeks ago, I read a tribute to a doctor who'd died, written by one of his former patients. The doctor was a heart surgeon, who'd saved the columnist's life. He just sat down in his chair, recently, sighed, then died.

We may all be shocked when doctors die, especially seemingly-healthy ones, especially ones who really care, who think outside the box, beyond the ultrasound, for ways to treat you, yet remain engaged enough to genuinely be compassionate. It's especially shocking when it's YOUR doctor, to whom you've referred 5 people in the year and a half since you first met. Godspeed, Rick Montz.

Christianity vs. Islam, The Smackdown

That subhead itself help makes the Islamist extremists' point. Americans are so degenerate and arrogant they trivialize what they espouse, while speaking of its ultimate demise...

Well, when you put it like that, Osama, I don't know that there are counterpoints. He says they're coming for us, and he says, rightly so, because we vote the people in who conduct atrocities and implement ravaging policies against other nations. The people who fight in the wars that legitimate the atrocities are from the American public, willfully signing their names to fight, he says. Does he actually think we actually think or know about this stuff, that somehow we're less like lambs to the slaughter than his followers? Would that we did think, then act, then maybe some semblance of hue and cry, like "what the hell does Saddam have to do with Al Qaeda or us, all of a sudden anyway?!" would go up and cause Bush pause. But alas, no, and an attack on Iraq will be "the ideal fuel to increase anger, and this is exactly what al-Qaeda wants. Its actions would be even more justified than before September 11. So we are working against our own interests, while we should be convincing Muslim populations not to follow bin Laden." Meanwhile, pundits on down to school crossing guards speak of war against Iraq in January as though it's just another item on a collective TO DO list: stuff turkey, buy stuff, wrap gifts, get drunk, go to war...

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