Sunday, November 24, 2002

Cleaning Up is Fun!

My pumpkin said, and then a beat later, as he suspected my face brightening, turned and said "do not take that too literally." Kids today. We're looking for yet another school for him, and hopefully, finally, he'll escape public schools: his Dad seems to have relinquished his romantic notions about public education and is now enamored with a private school that was my 2nd favorite 3 years ago! sigh. They may have an opening in January. Currently, he's teacherless and they sit around all day with a school administrator doing workbook pages. He's pretty much homeschooled during Daddy weeks.

Busy lately, showing properties, reviewing scripts for Project Greenlight, trying to capture the view from my living room window in watercolor, and now reviewing a book by a Pulitzer Prize winner. (No pressure) Otherwise, the day gig milieu has had a few cast changes but the script remains unchanged: politicking, namedropping, finger pointing, sidestepping and for the truly engaged, asskissing.

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