Thursday, October 3, 2002

I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain

The music and lyrics made me smile up the escalator from the metro this morning. Nothing like being greeted by live music; even when not so great, it's a treat--especially on the way to work, and when it emanates from a handsome red Dred.

When I drive in, there's typically a bedraggled guy standing under the Brentwood Rd overpass, holding a branch up, the leaves fluttering in the exhaust, hailing us like a sentry down New York Ave, into the city. That brightens my day too.

'Course I didn't drive today, though, because apparently the smoke curling up from under my hood yesterday that required me to park and hoof with my pumpkin the remaining 8 blocks to school allegedly suggests I need a radiator. After the kvetching and cussing died down, I decided to follow the lead of a friend who, with her partner, is trying to have a baby the hi-tech away, ordering sperm via the web . I ordered a radiator online, and will have it installed for less than half the price Capitol Hill Exxon quoted, and with a lifetime warranty! Stay tuned...

Otherwise, Star still lives--(and with me, no less!), despite significant damage to yet another door, and the 5 defrosting steaks she ate before last Sunday's cookout, and the hot dog she snatched from the young-un's plate. Can you believe it? I have no idea what to make of it. Who said I had a fear of committment?

Speaking of Stars

FINALLY, after far too flipping much ado (time and money wasted, etc.) the last phase of the BIG project launched, thanks to a stellar programmer I should've had on the project from the jump--but let's not go there again. The blood pressure's finally down...)
The other project's winding up's time.

I've often wondered how CNN determines what is breaking news, given some of the junk identified as breaking news that they hit my pager with. Well, apparently, they don't consider wandering lunatics with guns shooting and killing people at random breaking news!

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