Sunday, October 6, 2002

In The Day of Where and Why We all Belong

The enchiladas were alright; the chips, salsa and company much better; the margarita was weak, but the waiter was a sweetheart. After hours of seemingly futile and enraging drama, the radiator was finally in the car, AND I'd won an Ebay auction for a piece of darkroom equipment I need. Life was good. So I was sipping Merlot and rocking Prince till the wee hours (though not too wee) as though tomorrow wouldn't come. Come it did, though, in the form of a wake-up call that I received shortly after 7 (the call I was supposed to be placing): we were to be in Davidsonville at 9.

We made it to the Park 'N Ride on time, but didn't see the coworkers who'd organized the ride, so I latched on to some folks from Annapolis Bicycle Club and we rode with them. Nice people--they won't drop ya! Great time. About 30 miles in, over rolling and hilly terrain (one savage beast in particular) we stopped for lunch at Rusty's Wayside Grill, which may very well serve the best chicken salad sandwich I have ever had. A few hours later, we'd logged 54.75 miles--the most for me yet and were back at the Park 'N Ride. This ache I have that Nancy said is my groin (I wasn't even sure women had those!) is still achey. Joe said if it gets worse, it may not be better in time for The Seagull. My masseur said to alternate heat and cold till he can get his hands on it. By hook or help of lots of Ibuprofen, I'm riding the century next week.

Scene While Biking

an unopened diet coke and a padded purple push-up bra by the side of the road near Y Worry farm...pumpkin-colored caterpillars crossing the road...turkeys...a goat on top of a car at the Ramos'...a friendly little boy exclaiming the merits of his tree swing: "it's wooden!"...a pretty white clapboard chuch on a hill with lovely old windows...deer scampering...pumpkins, mums for sale

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