Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Well, did you punish him? Did you put your foot...

up his a**? I think you're too soft on him anyway.

This is my carpenter, W, talking about my dog--you know the one, star puppy? Black lab mix, much ballyhooed, picked her up from the pound around Memorial Day, already housebroken, yadda yadda yadda. (Check the archives.) Suffice it to say, she did sufficient damage in one night that I had to call the flipping carpenter!

My boss, who loves animals, lamented the separation anxiety and suggested I get her a playmate, then offered use of her bigger, sturdier crate (it held a Mastiff!) She also talked about how proficient she's become with wood filler.

Well! I appreciate the offer, and I accept, and I have considered considering getting a kitten, but I will not be becoming proficient with wood filler. I'll just return her the crate with the bleeping dog in it! It's only been 4 months, how wedded to her can my boy be? Plus he's not even here half the time! I proposed to Daddy yesterday that maybe the mutt, er, Star was ready to start to go back and forth as well, but Daddy's scared of the puppy. (Daddy is a strapping 6'3 after all, what's a man to do when faced with a 60 pound puppy?)

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