Friday, July 2, 2010

African American President taxes tanning; white House Minority Leader gets even Redder in the Face

I'd just begun to savor the irony of a Black president taxing tanning when it occurred to me that his lead nemesis in the House is orangely, I mean, obviously, no stranger to tanning beds.

Isn't it rich? Aren't they a pair?

As I was looking for some pics to showcase the contrasting orange and beige, I came across DrunkBoehner, a blog devoted, it seems, to publicizing Rep. Boehner's...public drunkenness--complete with video playback!

Think his being all red in the face has more to do with his boozing than his baking?

Me neither.

Then again--given the kinda week he's had, then trying to wiggle his foot out of his mouth and managing to wedge the other one in in the process, (see "The America John Boehner Grew Up In" by Michael Thomasky); I could understand if he was driven to drink!

Apparently we're in for some real Boehner-baiting as the midterms draw near and Dems ramp up their offense. I was surprised by Joe Scarborough's dissing Boehner on Morning Joe, though, It was like one frat boy turning on his own bro!

I can totally see Joe Scarborough and John Boehner hanging out together when Scarborough was in Congress--you can't?!!

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