Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is Effing Crazy!

Trust me, the euphemistic "effing" comes nowhere near the depths of my feelings about the sheer...incivility going on! There are apparent attempts to incite people to do things reminiscent of The Beatles lyric, "there's gonna be a revolution, well, you know..." but not the warm, fuzzy, bouncy kind in that singsong beat. It's more like the kind survivalists anticipate, militiamen perpetrate, xenophobes celebrate.
"Revolution" appears to be the buzzword scare tactic of Republican choice since the President signed the healthcare bill into law. Rep. Michelle Bachmann tweeted for one; Sarah Palin typed "it's time to reload" and has a map on her website with crosshairs indicating the homes of "vulnerable" politicians, presumably. Glen Beck managed to work in 'guns' and 'hugs' in his latest rant.

Some, unfortunately, have already risen to the call, hurling bricks through the office windows of a Congresswoman's New York office, cutting the gas line at the home of a man that was mistaken for his Congressman brother's home. Congressman Stupak received vitriolic, life threatening messages on his answering machine, venom spilling from male and female voices.
And this all is because of health insurance reform?
Really, now.

1 comment:

jennifer said...

Yeah. It's pretty effing scary, actually. And about more than just health insurance reform, unfortunately.


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