Saturday, March 27, 2010

Clutching his Cojones

FINALLY, President Barack Obama is manifesting the audacity I dared to hope for! After previously lamenting his shrimplike backbone relentlessly bent towards the elusive ideal of bipartisanship, I have to laud the stand-up Presidential swagger on display this week!
First, he and Pelosi somehow pulled votes like rabbits out of a hat and got the healthcare bill passed. Sure, it may mean some of us pay more in premiums, and the insurance companies have at least 32 million more customers, but the important thing is more people will have access to medical care, and fewer will die due to rescinded coverage.
(The $2 billion to HBCUs and community colleges and the federal takeover of student loans was the cherry on top.)

Shortly thereafter, I envision a sniff, a quick crotch clutch, and "You know what? Call me if something changes, I got sh*t to do." as he dealt Israel a taste of its own medicine, uncharacteristically dissing Netanyahu at the White House, leaving him and his aides to talk amongst themselves while he went to get his grub on.

Then, and I think this is my favorite balls out move--straight from W's playbook: 15 recess appointments. Today. In addition to the Republicans' use of arcane parliamentary rules to shut down committee hearings all this week, they'd also been holding up progress by NOT holding hearings on many Presidential nominees--for months! The President took advantage of the first day of a two week Congressional recess to wave 'em in.

Take that muthaf**kas!!

In his spare time, he signed a historic deal with Dmitry Medvedev in which the US and Russia agree to each reduce nuclear arsenals. It also gives the US the privilege to move weaponry through Russia to Afghanistan, hopefully reducing our reliance on currently deadly supply routes.

Gotta love it. This kinda swagger matches the one he displayed on the day in November 2008 when the Bushes hosted him and Michelle at the White House after the election.

Now this is what I'm talking about!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! The Obama we elected was really in there, all along. Just needed to be pushed to his own personal threshhold. I think it's fair to need a year to figure out how to be President!

Betsy B.

Datewithabook said...

Knew it was there all along. He loves for everyone to get along but he doesn't suffer fools gladly. Hey, this guy didn't get there on luck or looks alone!

Dori said...

Exactly! I just kept saying, "Now that's what I'm talking about!" ;-)


its about time...I checked out of the healthcare debate when folks started carrying guns to debates. Glad it passed and cannot believe that Obama is being called tyrannical by far too many. There is a way to have meaningful debate and there is a way to use fear to cloud judgment and stoke fires. It is beyond disappointing to see how some are characterizing every debate and saddening that others fail to think critically but opt instead to believe the unfair characterizations.

Anyway, this is America the land of free expression. I just wish we all tried to use our rights responsibly.

Hope all is well.


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