Monday, November 23, 2009

Isn't It Ironic?

"India has a middle class as large as the population of the United States."

(So said a Lehrer Newshour report tonight on India's Economy; how it's thriving.)

Really? You don't say. There are as many people in the middle class in India, as there are people in the entire United States. It's not a coincidence, exactly, that India's rise in fortune concurs with the Great Recession in the U. S., but is it ironic?

And further, and more importantly, after the wealth has spread till perhaps the bulk of the vast population in humongous India has moved from barely subsisting to at least working class, AND the big moneymakers in Mumbai and Delhi start to outsource the outsourced jobs in order to preserve their relatively large piece of the pie, can I get my customer service job back and will I still have seniority?

One might ask.

1 comment:

Blog Tactic said...

Obviously India has bigger population size. So I might ask the percentage instead.


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