Friday, April 3, 2009

What the World Needs Now

The news is rife these days with suicides and multiple slayings as folks succumb to despair and depression as the economy continues its downward spiral.
This morning in a small hilly town in New York, a shooter went on a murderous rampage  at a civic association that counsels and otherwise offers supports to immigrants and refugees. 
This ought to be an April Fool's joke, but unfortunately it's not.  A Chinese businessman decided to lay off some of his mistresses, since he can now only afford his wife and one mistress.  The fired 20 year old mistress attempted to kill him and the other mistresses, but only succeeded in killing herself.
Let's all practice more random acts of kindness, as well as more intentional ones.  It's rocky waters out here, and we're all in the same boat.  A motel owner in California offered a handyman job to an unemployed family man who'd moved his family there.  Unable to pay, and unwilling to accept charity, Gus Hernandez took Siddiqi Hansoti up on a job offer instead, and now lives where he works.   The Shoppers Food Warehouse closest to my house contributes a bag of groceries to a food pantry for your $5.00 donation; they're conveniently situated right at the checkout.
If you can't offer a job or a place to stay, why not barter some services or host a potluck?  Sometimes simply listening can make a huge difference in someone's day.
Since our stimulus checks are not in the mail, and the bankers and other honchos are unwilling to share theirs, what are your ideas for how we can support each other?


Hicham said...

You said "Sometimes simply listening can make a huge difference in someone's day" and I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, the majority of people are just listining and living for themselves only!

Intrepidblackman said...

I cannot believe the Mistress competition was actually true!

Windroot said...

I sometimes think these mass killings feed on each other, explaining why they seem to come in clusters. With so many people on the edge it is a good time to value the good things in your life. Oh yeah, might be a good idea to get the shield up.


Patience. It is what I needed yesterday at my local BJ's when I had to deal with a rude young lady that has no business being in the service sector.

Given the underlying tension that everyone is experiencing nowadays, we all have to take a step back and let certain things go. Its the only way to keep a sane head.

Nice post.


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