Thursday, April 2, 2009

U.S. to contribute $448 million in Direct Aid

Presumably, as part of the
One Trillion dollars that the G20 agreed to give to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, President Obama just announced that he'll work with Congress so the U.S. will be providing $448 million, as well as $1 billion for a food safety program. President Obama also announced bilateral meetings that he held with leaders from Russia, China, India, Korea, and, I think Saudi Arabia. As always, a busy man.

I'm wondering when he will take the time to cut us a check, you know, you, me and the rest of us who could use a little wallet-padding as we bailout millionaire bankers and their buddies? At the very least, I think direct checks to laid-off workers in states with governors who've opted not to take the federal cash infusion would be a good start!

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Denford said...

As you saw, Obama bowled over the G20 leaders and, as the NY Times said, "he looked noticeably relaxed and at ease"....he is a natural leader.

Those Governors who think refusing the stimulus money is "taking the moral high ground" are the Rushpublicans who are certain that Obama is going to fail.

I agree with you that Obama should go over their heads, reach out to workers in those states directly and what you will find is that at the next elections these people will be out.

I really am keen to see what will happen when President Obama goes into these states to campaign for Democrat governor challengers and incumbents, it will be a referendum on his leadership.

You will see the Conservatives go ballistic and I hope you will join me in mocking them then!!!!


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