Monday, April 6, 2009


NORTH CAROLINA is going to win. Are you hearing it here first? I don't watch or follow basketball, but I'm a mountain girl and am more than comfortable being out on a limb. Basketball is what we do in North Carolina (I come from the era of Dean Smith.) Doesn't UNC always win -- except when Duke does? LET'S GO TARHEELS!! Meanwhile, I'll be watching the latest delivery from the Netflix queue, The Edge of Heaven.


Windroot said...

Based on what I'm seeing watching the first half down here in Nag's Head (on vacation) you are a serious seeress. As a Terps fan who likes the ACC I can only say go Heels

MtnGrl said...

HAH! Thanks for the news and compliment, Windroot! I live in Maryland now, so...Terps are cool too. I limit my trash-talking to Carolina and Duke, though. Enjoy the beach!

Karen Henry said...

Hello from another delighted Tar Heel fan (and Carolina graduate!)

UNC = University of National Champions!

Karen Henry


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