Friday, April 10, 2009

A Benevolent Force

One day a couple of years ago, my daily horoscope read simply "What if there were a benevolent force supporting your every action?" I snipped it and stuck in on my refrigerator with a magnet. It's a valuable concept. I employ it often. It's yielded parking spaces just when and where I need them, cute shoes on sale in my size (or discovery, thanks to online customer reviews, that they run large and I can buy a half size smaller!)

Where I have trouble with the idea is trusting that it'll hold true for the big things, like, say...making a career shift to something you love that pays waaaaay less than the corporate giggery you endure. It feels sorta like stepping off a cliff. 'Course I had no problem doing that in Rio--see those skyscrapers far below?

In college, a friend and I used to talk into the wee hours, waxing philosophic about what we perceived as a new slavery: credit. Credit cards and other types of loans leave you toiling day in and out, just to pay them off, making someone else rich! Given my longheld anti-credit sentiments, I'm pretty much a cash and carry kinda girl. Still, there's something about the quote unquote security of a job that pays more than you need, that makes transitioning to teaching's relative subsistence wages, for example, impossible! I wonder if Bank of America will accept intrinsic rewards for my mortgage payment?

I read this book, "Your Money or Your Life" years ago. It was originally written in the 70s, I think, and was reprinted in the last few years. I highly recommend it. It makes many points that I agree wholeheartedly with and hope soon to fully adhere to: living for a living, rather than working for a living. Anybody got any tips? I mean ideas, personal experiences, words of encouragement, etc. Those other kind of tips will be welcomed later--via a Donate Now button on this site, once I get my courage up!


Laane said...

Thank you for dropping on my site today.

I want to wish you a happy easter.

Intrepidblackman said...

I think the biggest thing you can do is weekly limits on what you spend each week and only carry that amount of cash. Once your reach that limit, then you are done spending for the week. Oh yeah, cook every day.


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