Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whining Away in the Blogosphere

Clearly, I'm in search of a new template. I've downloaded WordPress (months ago) yet still shudder at the likelihood of frustration associated with moving the blog to it. If you have blogger template links to share, please do.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping this Sleepytime Extra (with Valerian root!) actually works. ('Course I've heard that closing the laptop and turning off Chris Matthews' ranting works too...)

Things I've meant to blog about amid the welcome distraction of finding a new template:

The New York Times
article about banks who want to give the money back because there are two many conditions attached-- SO? GIVE IT BACK ALREADY!

The Daily Kos post of a few days ago putting those of us in our place who think Obama's doing too much at once. Touche' We're still a bit shellshocked after an 8 year Presidency in which even thinking and speaking in tandem was too much to hope for. Still, I would like to go at least one day without The Next Big Thing. Today there were two: the Council on Women and a big scold about earmarks--after signing an earmark-laden bill. Born-again anti-porker John McCain can't shut up about them, standing at the podium in mock outrage reading one after another aloud.

In Intimidad (check LinkTV listings), workers in a maquilladora in a Mexican border town make bras for Victoria's Secret for 67 cents per dozen. (Yes, the ones we pay $45.00 for.) What a bargain. Thanks NAFTA.

I am perplexed and bewildered by the goings-on in Zimbabwe. Tsvangirai seems to have been seems less power-sharing than...spotlight sharing? I can't quite put my finger on it...I just don't believe Mugabe is any less malevolent than he always has been. And the car "accident" that killed Ms. Tsvangirai but not the Prime Minister? I'm thinking the accident was that the wrong Tsvangirai was killed. If there is any sense to it all, Denford Magora's diligent blogging from Harare will expose it.

Oh yeah, the Obama Administration is asking Congress to give more money to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)...maybe to lend to lesser developed countries to help them weather the convergent food and economic crises... Lesser developed countries? There was a story on NPR yesterday about well-coiffed Parisians digging through food bins after the fresh markets closed. Good thing we've got so much money to share. Interestingly, in a recent Planet Money podcast the former chief economist of the IMF, Shawn Johnson, says that in past situations as dire as that of our banking system, the US-led IMF routinely used the N word--(nationalization), and proceeded to name the countries who were encouraged to nationalize their banks in recent years in order to receive IMF funds...guess we're too good for that.

Alright, that's it. I'm all bemoaned out for now.


Intrepidblackman said...

I heard Obama speak and answer questions at the Business Roundtable a little while ago and whatever misgivings I may had had about him being too ambitious are gone. The man is so in control of the issues and how they relate its wonderful to behold. He painted a coherent picture of how everything relates---stimulus, regulations, global economy, education, energy, health care--and how all the thing he is doing is reinforcing each other.

I truly feel we are in good hands

Marjie said...

I can relate to the template frustration my dear. I moved to wordpress for that reason too, but I didn't stay there very long because it was very frustrating, and my host wasn't good enough to hold me there for long. Anyway, I hope these couple of links work out for you:

They certainly worked well for me =)

Glad to find you through entrecard.

Denford said...

Thanks for the mention, hey. As you know I read often here and I keep coming back because I enjoy the blog!


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