Thursday, March 5, 2009

Swinging at the White House?

President and Michelle Obama seem, in all the photographs, to have the kind of relationship many dream of.  A partnership of equals founded on friendship, respect and romantic love.  There's an authenticity when they look at each other, quite different from Nancy Reagan's adulatory gazes at Ronnie, and Bill Clinton's opportunistic lip synching "I Love You" to Hillary onstage.  What keeps their union so fresh?  Could it be...the Obamas are swingers?

President Daddy and First Momma had a swing set installed in full view of the Oval Office yesterday. 

Now this is news I can get my head around!  My head has been spinning like I was twisting on a tire swing: first the stimulus, then the speech, then the fiscal summit, then the budget, then the latest mortgage plan and several more billions of good money thrown to bad banks and insurers of toxic assets.  Oh! And the Rush madness, and the crazy idea Obamawannabe Michael Steele had, thinking he was actually in charge.  HAH!  The Republicans are learning it's not enough to be brown,
regretting their choice of loony Steele, and perhaps, in trying to correct the first mistake, the subsequent choice of Jindal to give the Republican response to last Tuesday's "not a state of the union" address. I think Ramesh Ponnuru of the National Review said it best on the Diane Rehm show the next day: Jindal's "poor delivery distracted from weak content."

Check this out:  I'm sorry, Rush

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Politics After 50 said...

THAT is very funny. I sent off a nice apology email to Rush, as we all should, you know.


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