Sunday, December 7, 2008

PLEASE not Dennis Gregory!

I didn't think I had the name quite right, but that was my first thought after hearing Tom Brokaw suggest that the show's new host would be announced in the next segment of this morning's Meet the Press. I had just been clapping giddily at Obama's statements during the interview about the White House being the People's House, and local school kids wil be invited over and there will be artists and musicians in and poetry readings at The White House. Arts, culture being promoted by our government?! Wow, it's been so long my knees weaken at the prospect. Further, Obama underscored the importance of art at this critical time, implying its antidotal properties for the stress engendered by this global economic levelling we're suffering through. I love the way this guy thinks...BIG Picture, all the time.

Jolted from this reverie by Tom's pronouncement (and JUST when I was getting comfortable with him at the helm. He's no Tim Russert, but then, only Tim is), my mind's eye immediately focused on the toothy Gregory guy whose appearance among the punditry of late made me suspicious that he was being considered for the gig. He's a nice enough guy, I guess, not self-important and knows good music (he danced to Mary J. Blige's live performance of Just Fine on The Today Show, after all), but he just...doesn't resonate with me in the host role. I thought...Andrea Mitchell, perhaps will be named, then, Gwen Ifill! No, they wouldn't go outside NBC...maybe Brian Williams. As I cast about for more possibilities that I'd rather see in the chair, Tom introduced the show's new host, David Gregory.

Ah well.


Thankful Paul said...


Intrepidblackman said...

One problem with Dennis is he wears those NBA player, pimp looking suites.


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