Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Netflix shows what the future holds

My Netflix queue hooked me up with a little preview of the future recently. A week or so ago, I watched Naomi Klein's film, The Take, shot during Argentina's economic debacle around the turn of this millenium. This week's worker occupation of Chicago's Republic Windows and Doors was foretold by the takeover of Buenos Aires' Brukman Textile Factory in 2001.
The movie itself is a little...plodding, but the subject matter absolutely riveting (given "these hard economic times"). I was touched by the worker revolts, their refusal to sit mutely by while factory owners and other fat cats raided the banks and split country. The workers took over the factories, and ran them efficiently. At Brukman tile factory, all worker/owners made the same salary; one woman talked of all the workers chipping in to help pay for a coworker's chemo and radiation therapy treatments. It was very inspiring.
Up next in the queue is Priceless. I wonder what it'll reveal about my future...? Hmmmm....


Anonymous said...

Check out "who killed the electric car" it is pretty timely too.

I will check out that Naomi Klein.


***MtnGrl*** said...

Talk about an eye-opener! I don't even recall hearing about the Ev-1 before that movie. It wasn't available in this area, but still... Give you a bit of insight into why certain companies need bailing out, huh?
Thanks for dropping by!


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