Sunday, June 1, 2008

What She Did For Love

In recent weeks I've declared that I've given up trying to understand what motivates Hillary Clinton, (as though declaring it would make it so!) Against all odds -- party rules, even-- she seems absolutely convicted of her eventual and rightful designation as the democratic Presidential nominee (in 2008, thank you!) as though it's her birthright or something. I couldn't get my head around it--could one's ego REALLY be so...deluding? The possibility's actually a little scary to me, so I was giving up. FUGGEDABOUTIT! I'll wait for the book. Hopefully Kurt Eichenwald will take it on, a la The Informant, his psychological thriller on the Archer Daniels Midlands price-fixing scandal. (They bring us the vast market penetration of health malady inducing high fructose corn syrup, as well as a not insignificant contribution to the current global food/oil crisis complexity, but I digress.

For Bill Clinton, it's common knowledge, (whether truth or not), that dreams of Presidency started back before he and Hill were hippies, around the time, if not before, he shook JFK's hand.

A His and Her matching set of Presidencies? WHODATHUNKIT?! Maybe it's a recent revision to the dream, spawned by the failure of a Co-Clinton Presidency during Bill's first term. Why not?! All the better! One Presidency each for two! (And kinda like a third for Bill!)

Chris Matthews' statement comment suggested the Big Payback is in play in Hillary's candidacy. Maybe. No doubt Hillary garners sympathy votes from women who've been done wrong (or are being done wrong) by their fine, smart, charming, two-timing husbands; as well as from Women's Libbers who've felt slighted or overlooked professionally in favor of a man whose distinguishing qualification for esteem seemed to be his gender. There's an aggravatingly infinite number of possible explanations for Hillary's persistence, and the Clinton campaign tactics continue to be disappointingly enlightening as to how low they will go when it hit me: DUH!
Hillary obviously continues the campaign because being President is the one way she is guaranteed nightly pillow talk with Bill.

Ba Dump BUMP!
Thank you and good night! I'm here ALL week!

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