Saturday, May 24, 2008

No Regrets

Mismanagement of my Netflix queue and the misguided notion to have an iced mocha at 3:00 in the afternoon resulted in bug-eyed engrossment in a cable movie one recent work day at 3:00 a.m. Having chosen movies I haven't felt like watching is atypical, but watching a Lifetime Movie Network movie can only be attributed to the misfirings of a caffeine-wired brain. It seemed innocuous at first, Kate Jackson, Janine Turner, and two unfamiliar male leads, were old college roommates whose relationship(s) were the subject of a movie script by one of the now-husbands. What evolved can only be described as soft core porn lite--the softest core--no raunch, no nudity, just the insinuations of artsy shots and crafty editing. The script mused about a weekend reunion in New Hampshire, and what might transpire among good friends of longstanding; not swinging exactly, more like swaying. It was all justified by their agreement to cheat only among each other--and the fact that it was just a movie script--a feel good movie within a feel good movie; that way no one's really guilty of compromising prevailing moral standards.

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