Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well isn't THAT convenient?!

Dana Carvey's The Church Lady could always be counted on to cast shame where shame was judged due with, "Well, isn't that convenient?!" I see him-her and hear the voice ringing in my ears as this blather about Jeremiah Wright's utterances goes on and on.

Tonight, on CNN, Clintonite Lanny Davis and Bushite Ari Fleischer, (more of that Clintonesque strange bedfellow-making coming to light,) nodded supportively at each other's comments, lamenting Barack Obama's association, or lack of disassociation, with this wild hair, Jeremiah Wright. AND FURTHER, (though my mind collapses torturously in on itself when I try to make any of this relevant or akin to the pressing issues at hand upon which a campaign to elect the next leader of the (still) Free World should be based, it was particularly exercised when it all came back to Lanny wondering...) why on earth won't Barack debate Hillary?!

Shortly thereafter, there was an outtake of Hillary sympathetically commenting on the effect (to Barack's campaign) of Wright's remarks, attributing these belabored Wright attacks to the Republicans! (Why would they do her so kind a favor? Is she really that much more likely beatable than Obama?)

If the outcome of these shenanigans weren't so un.be.liev.ably unfortunate, this would be comical.

Wright's preening at the National Press Club, couples my surprise at seeing him on Jon Stewart's roulette wheel of Black preachers, between two that I'd actually heard of before (Bishops Eddie Long and T. D. Jakes) and underscores my impression of him basking in the glow of the media glare.

Let me say it again--and remember, you heard it here first. Somebody got to somebody and persuaded him to convince Jeremiah Wright of the defamation of Wright's character in the press and the need to defend it NOW.
'Strike while the iron's hot!
he may have blustered, implicitly DAMNing and dismissing whatever the consequences of Wright's narcissism may be to the Presidential candidacy which, although certainly not intentionally, is responsible for Wright's moment in the media sun.

Talk about crabs in a barrel.

Let's hope it comes to light soon who "convinced" Wright to hit the mics at this particular juncture, and that the disclosure elicits at least as much media attention as Wright's ego on parade.

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Peter Clare said...

Wright's strolling boldly into the national spotlight at this time is perhaps the most profound demonstration of Egotism I have ever seen.

Not only is Obama now black enough, he is way too black now.


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