Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Citizenship---part of the Ipod deal?

So Monday night, I saw Feist on tv. I was a little familiar with her music from some song on a commercial, an infectious tuned "1,2,3, 4" or something like that. My Pumpkin, more familiar, has suggested more than once that he thought I'd like her music. I agreed, though, tonight after hearing her perform a song, I'm not so sure.

The thing that struck me though, wasn't her lyricism but rather, its influence. She casually, proudly mentioned, that though Canadian, she does have dual citizenship, something she got, she said "as part of the Ipod deal". "I didn't want to go through the whole green card lottery thing", she said offhandedly.

What the---? Is Citizenship for sale now?!! I can't even feign incredulity. What isn't for sale around here? If it hasn't been mortgaged by China already, chance are it's up for grabs. I'll have to tell Rao and Felipe to abandon their daily 9 to 5 grind behind servers and cash registers and pick up the guitar; maybe they too can avoid the whole "green card lottery thing."

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