Monday, April 28, 2008

Speaking of Bills and Blacks

One of my favorite shows, in fact the only reason I still subscribe to HBO, is Real Time with Bill Maher. Among the things I've learned as a result of watching is that Andrew Sullivan's a likeable guy, and I'd really like to have a drink or two with Matt Taibbi, and/or Esai Morales, both of whom have compelling things to say and compelling features to match. ;) Another thing I've learned is that Bill Maher apparently likes weed, vegan, vegetarian or otherwise healthy eating, and black women. At least, I presumed, from his oft-reported tendency to date black women, that he liked black women. On this past Friday night's show, the last before he goes on hiatus till August (woo hoo! I can get rid of HBO!), Bill made a snide comeback that suggests to me that, regardless of whether he "dates" black women, it's not something he wants publicized.

Arianna Huffington, woman of amazing transformation and frequent guest on Real Time, riffed on Andrew Young's comments about Bill Clinton having been with more black women than Barack Obama, by saying that "Bill Maher has slept with more black women than Barack Obama." Bill Maher, LIVE, was visibly unhinged, stewing in silence for several minutes before snidely uttering "at least my husband wasn't gay", a reference to an episode in Arianna Huffington's past.
Fortunately, a timely sip from her mug cloaked any visible response from Arianna beyond steely eyes.

Obviously, this retort was intended to hurt Arianna, suggesting perhaps that Bill was hurt, or at least, peeved by her comment suggesting his appreciation of black women? Why, Bill? Is it more fetish than favor that your experience depicts?

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