Monday, April 28, 2008

Jeremiah Wright speaks; coincidence?

A lot has happened since last I wrote, among them the fact that I caught Obamamania from a coworker that raged to full fever when Bill Clinton showed his true nature in South Carolina. All of the swooning I did over Hillary in the last post has since been stamped out by the Clintons 'win at all costs' strategy. Turns out Bill's a cracka, after all. He recently suggested it's silly to consider him racist because "my office is in HARLEM!"; equivalent of saying "my best friend happens to be black".

The media has done a good job, till now, not mentioning the elephant in the voting booth, race. It's been encouraging, (though delusional) in fact, along with Obama's ascendancy, to think that perhaps the US is now a post-racial society. The Clintons, however, outraged by the audacity of this young n... neophyte, who happens to be (kinda) black, to disrupt their dynastic plans, have interjected it themselves (well, Bill has and will). So, while Hillary took the "high ground" and nobly mostly did not comment on Jeremiah Wright, Bill staked out the low road and did the dirty work for her.

The quote unquote controversy of Jeremiah Wright's remarks and Obama being tainted by them because he goes to the church the guy used to be pastor of finally passed. Fortuitously, Obama can now refer to Wright as his former pastor--since the pastor has moved on, and he did so, on Fox News Sunday yesterday. Yet, (coincidentally?) weeks after the controversy, he who was thankfully--and to his credit-- been mute throughout it all, is now all over the place-- Bill Moyers Journal on Saturday night, the NAACP on Sunday night, the National Press Club today.

Wright's media spotlight now, after the Pennsylvania primary where Obama cut Hillary's presumed vote lead in half, before Indiana and North Carolina where (please GOD!) the results will hopefully determine who the Democratic nominee will be, is too strategic to be coincidental; in fact I'd wager it's the work of devoted saboteurs. One wonders if Bill didn't call in some chits, and have some throwback "leader" from the civil rights era, clinging by fingernails to the Clintons' presumed coattails, persuade somebody to persuade somebody to convince Wright to "clear his name" and/or "get paid" by extending his 15 minutes of fame to 20. Since the Clintons "rules/schmules" idea of having Florida's and Michigan's primary votes be counted despite DNC rules to the contrary doesn't seem to be gaining ground, why not revisit the incendiary comments of Obama's "radical" black pastor? What better way to scare the whites in North Carolina and Indiana, working class or not, to vote white?
We all know politics makes for strange bedfellows, and we all know Bill is a consummate politician. Let's see how long it'll be before the culprit is exposed beneath the bedclothes. Any wagers?

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