Friday, September 16, 2005

BUSH--Leave the Preaching to the Preachers!

I was gonna hiphopify that: "leave the preachin' to the preachas" but...wasn't sure of the message that would convey when inevitably picked up by the news media. In either case, I've said both now, so...whatever news outlet wants to include musings in their daily blogologue feature, feel free to do so. I can speak hip hop and white--one, obviously, more convincingly than the other, but, I digress...

I was just thinking the other day: Isn't it Ironic? This clueless conservative dude is gonna have to do some New Deal-esque programming in order to have any hopes of preserving his legacy. Even HE must realize that. And, I think he does, to someone's credit; he did manage to not smile most of the time during his speech and he was making some fairly magnanimous statements--but, with no substance. There's a catchy name for every potential idea, for example, Gulf Opportunity Zone, Urban Homesteading whatever... not quite as sexy as Operation Iraqi Freedom, but hey, the guy had to come up with a name, at least. The ideas themselves? Well...far too sketchy to be little more than that. He used should an awful lot. I'm not quoting directly, but essentially, businesses involved in reconstruction efforts SHOULD hire, and train Survivors to rebuild their homes. Look whose got contracts already....well do we really need to? Dude. There will be no set-asides, (call it what you like, I almost stroked out for a second when Bush seemed to be supporting some sort of affirmative action plan) unless they are mandated. But, I guess that's Congress' ball. He lobbed that one over the fence. It's on them, I guess. Hell, he's got nothing to lose, he can't run again--they have to. Given that--he could have come out even stronger--"Yes! Yes, I'm a horribly evil rich man and those around me are horribly rich too with bighaired wives and we know that we profit from the toil and disempowerment, disnfranchisement of many, many people. We know that. And really, we really, really...we don't give a shit. Even my own mama said..." and just give away the farm, take back some shit back, redistribute the wealth. the ultimate guilt reflex. It'd be too little too late anyway--unless they paid our country's way out of this consuming debt and citizen malaise. Either way, we're just about a decade (maybe less now) away from officially being the 2nd world,or at least not THE economic superpower) to India, and/or China. They're kinda racing, and it's interesting: they're so far ahead of us already and it's really the bed we're left to lie that our policies and politicians made. When my pumpkin's a young adult, I envision him a mostly entrepreneurial economy, lots of small services businesses. By then, everything, not just pretty much everything, will be manufactured in Asia, and of course, white collar gigs are already outsourced at an alrarming and increasing rate. I could have a personal assistant in India handling my bills and bill collectors right now...hmmmmmm.

So I hadn't even written about Bush's speech last night, when I was moved to write about what he said today. While viewing a brief clip of his remarks at The National Prayer Day or whatever today is, observance at the National Cathedral, I realized: homeboy was straight up preachin! I don't even remember what the flip he said, except that he referred to or paraphrased some scripture and then actually said the word, "scripture", and when I felt the long-passive-yet still-existent-several times born again-- (though some say only once is necessary) soul within me response to something George Flipping W. Bush said? Oh no. I had to purge right away! Hence the streaming consciousness to which you've been subject(ed).

Please. I say this for all it's worth and it's worth more than you (Dubya) can fathom. Please. Faith is blind. Many of us believe. I don't want to hear any suggestion of that from you. What happens, as I'm sure you're banking, is that sometimes faith, given its blindness, adheres to the alleged messenger, rather than the message. The persuasive power of messages exerts, in my opinion, more on the uneducated...and even among the educated, exerts more heavily on those who tend to think... less critically. It would be most unfortunate for someone to misplace their faith in you, the messenger, rather than the message you allege to convey.
You know what I mean.

Bill is on tv. That's another reason i was moved to write. It suddenly occurred to me, an epiphany, and so obvious I don't know why it's just now occurring to me: BILL FOR RECONSTRUCTION CZAR! Of course, folks of my ilk would never refer to the role as a czar, that...just sounds so oppressive. And, we certainly couldn't call ole twinkly eyes, fine Bill Czar. So, anyway, I'm thinking hey, I love him, almost as much as I love Jimmy Carter, but differently, because I think he's fine. (And always have) But let's face it, he's an old, baggy eyed white dude...but he's so smart...he's just sexy. I'm sorry. I was attracted to Bill Clinton when he first hit the scene, and made comments to tbat effect then, I was just a spry...what? 30? If I met him in a bar now, I probably wouldn't be interested, too old looking, but then if he started talking some shit, about current affairs or politics or something and his eyes start twinkling, well...

fortunately my morals prohibit liasions with married men. For. Tu. Nate. Ly.

So Bill's sounding so middle of the road on Larry King Live he's almost sounding like an apologist for W. As I was vocalizing my chagrin as this turn of events, I realized, hey, He's got Hillary's campaign to think about. Until or unless some of them famed red states turn blue, or Hillary bakes some more cookies, whichever comes first, he's go to, (and is greatly helped by his endorsement by W--a Republicaan, to work with his Dad (another Republican president) to be the face of the fundraising effort--again) play the middle of the road...get some leverage. Maybe he can't say or do what he feels, because he owes it to Hillary-- and he does. This is the game of politics they've chosen to play...just look at this pic, probably during inaugural gloom, in january or 2001, Bill's off talking to who knows who, and there's Hillary, perfectly erect, cup of whatever she's not drinking exquisitely balanced on the saucer, looking pleasant and genuinely pleased to hear whatever idiocy this frat boy who succeeded her brilliant, philandering (redundant, I know, we're talking men)husband is sputtering.

Besides, anyway... Bill is doing good work in Africa and with...his Global whatever it is...I'm sure it's win-win; good work is still being done, despite the strange bedfellows of political realities. And that's why they're a successful couple. I just hope they're able to manifest their vision and enjoy mutual successes with some magnificent sleight of hand, perhaps ushering in some true bipartisanship, or at least, sensibleness in politics.

there's a Republican-controlled Congress, who will think first of preserving their political futures, ultimately, than adorning W's legacy, let's face it. That's politics. Dubya, Rove somebody knows that...what will happen, ultimately? The only hope we have, I think, is Dubya being decent enough to use whatever limited power his lame duckness can assert to influence a true compassionate agenda, more liberal than conservative...I don't think he's big enough. Sorry, Barbara, to talk about your boy, but...prove me wrong.

This will be a mismangled (not just mangled) debacle, but fairly easily hidden, because the scope is so flipping large,and there'll be a large margin of error--and Bush won't be in charge, it won't be his problem, it'll be the next guys problem. Hell, they'll LET a Democrat win the Presidency next time, because they know they're ill-equippped, (ideologically, if not, like Bush, also otherwise) to effectively deal with it. There will be unfortunate effects of this tragedy on our national economy for years to come.

I love the character of Jimmy Carter, who I still say had too much integrity to be President; the moxie (a jewish term? what's the black one?) of John H. Johnson, and the minds of the following men: Michael Eric Dyson, William Jefferson Clinton, my pumpkin --(who I could link to, if I chose to, as some dude in Toronto did), and Prince.

I said the F word in front of my pumpkin, the other day, who was with me at the Armory to distribute information about Survivorslink on Sunday, ALL DAY. A white woman who'd been milling about for awhile with a few grocery store bouquets of flowers was allowed ingress to the facility. I'd been hanging around for hours, feeling like a criminal, sidling up to the camouflage-uniformed guy manning the booth of the parking lot and eventually red cross volunteers and some from AKA "psst. can you get these in for me?" I said, in front of my pumpkin,


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