Monday, December 2, 2002

Over the River, freakin Fairy!

This story, in the right hands, would make a great script. Whodathunk the esteemed Hahvad had the audacity, let alone the clout, to banish folks not just from campus, but from the flipping city if they didn't approve of how one got ones jollies?!
If only UMass wielded similar clout maybe it could protect Whitey's bruh:
BOSTON -- University of Massachusetts President William Bulger will be subpoenaed to testify about his fugitive crime-boss brother, an official said. The official noted that Bulger has declined to appear voluntarily... The committee is investigating how FBI agents in Boston became corrupted while using mobsters as informants for decades, including Bulger's brother, James "Whitey" Bulger. (From The Washington Post, NATION IN BRIEF Sunday, December 1, 2002) Page A12.

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