Wednesday, October 9, 2002

let me first say, at the outset of the umpteenth bleeping iteration of trying to get this ONE post up, that the time has long since past for me to move this site to movable type on a different host. I must find the time, it must be done, it's got to be easier to not lose a whole buncha sh*t at an errant stroke! that said, I will, AGAIN, lay it out...

Pax Americana

So that's what it's all about! I kept waiting for it to start making sense, this morphing of War on Terror into "regime change". One minute we're talking about places that end in stan from which radicalized muslims financed by our peeps the Saudis are wreaking havoc and planning more, then, *poof*, it's all about Saddam. Bookman's theory is more plausible than any I've heard, certainly out of the Administration, anyway, though I'm sure there's some well-constructed conspiracy theory out there somewhere about W and BOB (big oil buddies). He seems hellbent on trudging onward, trampling over what or whoever dares try to check him, and you just have to wonder, does he not know what's hanging in the balance?

Brings to mind Jesse's way underhyped admonition to
Stay Out The Bushes! It lacked the KumBaYa, My Lord of "Keep Hope Alive!" with its conjured images of suffering smiling darkies dreaming of a better hereafter, (ergo, its underhypedness) but was more like a NWA rant, a caution which, if followed might've given us a little bit longer to get to hereafter.

Still, let's give it a shot, keep hope alive, no more bushit! Do like Mike and holla at a former klansman --he got all our backs now!

enough with the faux hipness, already...there's plenty more to fear from bushes.

Google Discoveries

A review I wrote nearly 8 years ago for qbr is now preserved for posterity in cyberspace at Whodathunkit? Not quite the same timeouttamind, giddying effect of first seeing my stuff in hard copy for all to see at MLK, but pretty cool nonetheless.

In other news...
the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man on the moon.
Life is short; get it right.

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