Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Too Many Daves!

A number of pals o' mine are named David. Some are generally called Dave, others don't mind it, while others are downright offended. It could be maddening. I was amused instead when my pumpkin's nightly reading recently included a poem by Dr. Seuss about the very thing, too many Daves!

I rode 16 miles before work on Friday, from Georgetown to Bethesda and back. Along the way, I encountered what can only be descibed as a big a** snake coiled lazily in front of me on the miniscule sidewalk I navigated nervously while rush hour traffic whizzed past on M St. Then Saturday, I did BikeDC, which, ended up being only 30.7 miles though the literature had variously said 34 and 36. Huffing up the George Washington Parkway was grueling for me, but I made it. Later, after carbo and Gatorade I was whizzing at 19 mph. (Flat terrain, of course, but still...not bad.) The Century is less than a month away. Stay tuned.

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