Wednesday, September 18, 2002

This is the stuff that'll drive you mad.

okay, me.

this third bathtub mat isn't "no slip" either.

the refurbished OfficeJet I bought still doesn't work, despite trying several different cables and moving it to another room AND the fact that it worked flawlessly both of the times I took it back to PCRetro.

the clock on the refurbished PC I bought now seems to maintain the time since I've moved it to another room where it's the only electricity hog.

There's no freaking phone jack, nor one within reach of the longest cord that I have, in the room where the PC now is.

PCRetro agreed to put me out of my misery and take their officejet back and fix my dutiful 4L instead, which worked flawlessly until a month or so ago, when the dog knocked it to the floor.

after much ado, mostly Handy Hannah antics not pursued to completion, there's now a functioning toilet in the upstairs bath. Now, for no apparent reason, the electricity isn't working in there.

Finally, an enthusiastic recommendation for a landscaper from this cool lady at Next Day Blinds , then she called back two days later to tell me the landscaper had been killed in a car accident that morning.

The change of season has barraged my interior with ants. The dog keeps chewing up the Combats. Fortunately, there's been no emergency vet visits yet.

The variety and constancy of sound effects that emanate from an 8 year old boy.

This morning while doing laundry in the predawn darkness, I noticed the water flow sounded more prominent than usual. Turns out some hose or something is disconnected and the water was draining out of the washer onto the basement floor, and, luckily, down the drain. These are the things one needs a man for. (Call me sexist, see if I care.)

And as I type this, the clock that I thought was keeping the right time now that the whole freaking thing has been relocated, is a bit more than a half hour slow. OH! I can't wait to get my Powerbook and relegate this bargain buy to the realm of the young'un.

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