Wednesday, September 4, 2002

The Terrorists Have Won

It's a cliche', of course, but never more aptly applied than here. I am disgusted, nauseated and just this side of enraged that Kelli or Justin will be performing at a 9/11 commemoration. Can't blame them; I'm sure they have no say whatsoever in the matter, (and if they did, I bet Kelli, at least, would have the dignity to decline to participate.)

I'm a big Idol fan, have only missed one episode, but it is, please recognize, the height of fluff, stellar Kelli or no. If al qaeda wanted to make a point of America's superficiality, arrogance, and crass consumerism by decimating the World Trade Center, their point is underscored in spades by the media events staged well before the shock wore off, (remember Halle donning the firefighter's cap on cue and posing during the Concert for New York?) let alone the dewy and wide-eyed monotones (to convey solemnity) since, and yet to come.

The best way to remember is to shut everything down, bring commerce to a somber halt, stop transmitting television and radio signals and all. Cut it all off. Stop the world on its axis, just like it stopped that crystalline day.

I actually thought we were bigger than this; and I'm the most cynical person I know.

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