Thursday, August 22, 2002


I performed some semblance of having a life last night by going Salsa dancing, only to recall to my chagrin upon arriving home, that I'd missed American Idol. Do the gurus know this? Dr. Phil and sundry others who exhort us to relax, relate, release, GET A LIFE, FORGODSAKE, that doing so is grossly incompatible with tv-watching? Have they thought this thing through? OR are they just slapdash, willnilly throwing these half-baked ideas into the universe (and books and tapes and lecture circuits), laughing giddily on the way to the bank, while the buffoonery get lives and by doing miss high quality tv?


Anyway, what usetabe MightyBigTV but is now something else, did provide a brief shocking synposis of the show, to wit: Tamyra got the boot! (BTW, MSN webpeople, how difficult can it be to have the horoscope for the CURRENT day show up on the site rather than one two days old! Sheesh!)

Anyway, now I'm no huge fan of Tamyra; she's got a good voice and has had good performances, but I've always thought her to be overhyped. 'Course, we all know Paula Adbul's looking for a gig after this is over, so her consistently cloying sycophancy is understandable, but Simon and Randy fairly often went over the top in adulation as well. Anyhoo, she's got potential, but Kelly Clarkson is a star. Period. She's not delivered any less than stellar performances (unless she did last night, that is.) ON THE OTHER HAND, Tamyra's voice is clearly leagues above the two other finalists, so I was shocked by the news that Shack's Dad reported.

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