Friday, August 30, 2002

Licks I Like

Turns out not where, but what you think that really matters. Lying on my couch in the dark listening to music is the closest I'll come in short order to recreating that meteor shower I viewed from a Bermuda flat top roof one cool summer night too long ago. My backyard hammock's a good place for stargazing, but the night isn't clear, and the viewing's better in the Spring anyway.
So..the couch it is, eyes closed, listening now to Satellite; I love the strings...

Other cuts on the playlist tonight, there being a string theme going on, were fromBlame it on Me, Mirrorball, too-long-gone-and-why?-Dionne Farris, Prince (duh), John Eliot Gardiner's period-instrument recording of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and Songs in the Key of Life.

palo'mine was right: the thing on ebay did sell. cool.

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