Sunday, July 28, 2002

You can only find incompetence endearing for so long

Lucretia just said that in Mr. Jealousy . Amen! It was in that vein that I again perhaps more emphatically than typically) said "Efuckingnough already!" and demanded the poof off my project. Fortunately, finally, and maybe because after the umpteenth time I iterated how much we've spent on this guy to no avail and how much our revenue-generating clients have been put out, thanks to his cracks that things are forever slipping through, I was lent an ear. Turns out he's not related to the Grahams, after all, though I still have no idea why he was so indulged. It's well past "about time,"--he's out of my hair. Hallelujah!

So. It's my birthday today. As of 8:44 this morning, as a matter of fact, go figure--I am fully grown. I said that to a guy I was chatting up at Eastern Market. He said that's the answer people give when they look younger than 30 but are over 30. Sweet. He gave good hand too. That is, he was peddling shea butter and other natural goodies for the body at Eastern Market. He demonstrated a product by massaging my palm. Good salesmanship. Bet they get propositioned alot during a day in them there stalls!

I'd had brunch with friends, who as it turns out, gifted me not only with their presence, but presents as well--money even! Tres' cool! Drinks during the week will round out the festivities, which don't seem nearly festive enough for what's supposed to be a milestone birthday. Hell, I celebrate for a week with all the run of the mill birthdays, shouldn't I be doing something monumental for this one?

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